Missis token, need someone help me

24 hours and i cant se my money in my wallet, and dont have any signal of meta mask team why¡?

Can you share txid to check ?

The transaction is done, it is executed well, it is in the binance smart chain network, which I loaded before in the wallet, and loaded the token that I wanted to receive, before it executes the extractof the binance, and I can see the tokens in bscscan but not in my wallet

Have you added the token contract address on your smart chain ?

yes i do all before send my tokens to the wallet, add main net of binance, and token to the main net, them , send from binance, to metamask , in bscscan in mi binance wallet you can see but not in my metamask acount,

Kindly share the txid to check

i get the solucion from another, post, and i add other token adrres 0x2859e4544c4bb03966803b044a93563bd2d0dd4d
this is m now i have 2 shib token in my wallet, i dont untderstand this now, and other thing, if now i see, a cant hold it in my metamask, without problem? tnx

The Shiba Inu contract you used to add the token on BSC network was:


This one?

It might be you added the wrong contract address since Shiba Inu is an ERC20 token, not a BEP20, you need to use BEP20 contract, not ERC20.