Problem to send SHIB back to Binance

Hi friends. I have my SHIB in Metamask but i want to get back to Binance. I have to use the BSC network. I tried a lot of times and always i got error.

“Error encontered during contract execution”.
“BEP-20 token transfer error (Unable to locate corresponding transfer event logs”.

I have ETH to pay the fee and also BNB.

Anyone can help me? Thanks so much!

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Why do you need to use BSC network??

Shib are ERC20 tokens from Ethereum network.

In what network do you have them on Metamask??

You cannot transfer between networks, you would need to use a Bridge. But if you want to send to Binance, you can use ERC20 network, just look at the ERC20 network deposit address in the deposit tab in the spot wallet and send it using that address.

You need to choose the network the Shibs are on.

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I have to use BSC network because i have in that network. When i try to use it, always get back and error.