Lost SHIB from binance using wrong network

Hello Another problem already solved many times on this forum, but unfortunately I did not manage to solve my problem just by reading the previous posts.

I transferred SHIB from Binance to Metamask and of course added the tokens to my metmask wallet, but nothing was credited.
After a little research on bscscan I was able to find my successful transaction.
Can you give me the instructions to credit my metamask wallet please?

Thank you

Hello @fradji and welcome to MetaMask community.

Can you share what your public wallet address is and the tx id for the transaction you are mentioning, so i can take a look?

While I was waiting for an answer, I watched a video on how to find my token and I managed to do it thanks to a tutorial on youtube

Now I want to transfer my SHIBs located on Smart chain wallet to the main etherum network wallet.
Can you help me with this?
thank you

Good to hear. You can transfer them, either by using a bridge:

or in a simpler way, transfering them back to Binance through the same network they currently are on, in your case, BSC or as it’s now known, BNB Chain, and from there you transfer them through Ethereum network back in your MetaMask wallet.



sorry but I am getting crazy, I lost half of the day with this matter.
As suggested I want to send back my SHIB on Binance using smart chain network but metamask request Fees to proceed . So I bought ETH directly on metamask using Transak, but still it doesn’t work. HELP ME please

@fradji you need BNB not ETH. BSC network fees are paid for BNB.


:crazy_face: Thank you Franciszka

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