Crypto Isn’t Showing Up After Transfer

I am very upset right now. I had $1000 of VeChain on Binance .US and withdrew it to Metamask VeChain and it’s been all day long and nothing has shown up. On Binance .US it shows the transaction was successful and I even confirmed it through my email but still nothing! I have a $1000 that’s MIA right now. Where is my money/Crypto and why hasn’t it shown up? I went to CoinMarketCap and even copied and pasted the address in Metamask so I know all that was done right but still my money/crypto is nowhere. I’ve never had a transaction take this long. What do I do and where did my money/crypto go?

Metamask does NOT offer any support via Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. We only offer direct support via our zendesk ticket form!

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Does anyone know how to help me on this situation?