Metamask-Binance transfer did not arrive

Two days ago I made a transfer from Metamask to Binance in the amount of 400$ and it never arrived to Binance, there was a final error before the arrival.

Today Binance answered me that it was not their fault but Metamask’s because they are the sender of the money. So I ask you what happened to my money and if there is any way to get it back. It appears in gray in metamask that shipment (-400).

I will wait for your answers attentively.

Thank you very much

Hash: 0xd81456d5fcac6fca5e9b16f06b5903ced97c8122cb44af2c27a018ac15baeb57

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Hey @Gte, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Did Binance really blame MetaMask like that :thinking: :upside_down_face:

The transaction has failed, but that does not mean your funds are lost. The funds should still be in your wallet.

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Well, it never made it back to my wallet, so I don’t know where the $400 is. It was grayed out in the shipment and I have tried to see where it might have gone, but I don’t see it anywhere.

What do you mean grayed out? Would you be able to provide screenshots?

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I mean this, the color of my shipment out of nowhere turned grey and since then I don’t know where it is, because I thought it would get to binance and I never saw it again.

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Hmm, not sure why it’s showing it like that.

If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team here and they can further assist you: and click Start a Conversation