Custom token icon is not showing in Metamask

Hi there,

Started the submission process

I forked, added SVG and updated the contract-map.json with the right criteria (done all of that directly from github editor).

Release & Publishing part is really not clear for me need support if someone can guide me?

Thank you.

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Why I can’t add an URL ?

https:// github .com/ MetaMask/ contract-metadata#submission-process


Hi @Vesper.eth !

To avoid scams being shared, the forum has linking turned off. However, can follow the path you dropped fine.

Can you share where you are facing a blocker when going through the below detail for release & publishing? Thanks!

The project follows the same release process as the other libraries in the MetaMask organization. The GitHub Actions action-create-release-pr and action-publish-release are used to automate the release process; see those repositories for more information about how they work.

  1. Choose a release version.
  • The release version should be chosen according to SemVer. Analyze the changes to see whether they include any breaking changes, new features, or deprecations, then choose the appropriate SemVer version. See the SemVer specification for more information.
  1. If this release is backporting changes onto a previous release, then ensure there is a major version branch for that version (e.g. 1.x for a v1 backport release).
  • The major version branch should be set to the most recent release with that major version. For example, when backporting a v1.0.2 release, you’d want to ensure there was a 1.x branch that was set to the v1.0.1 tag.
  1. Trigger the workflow_dispatch event manually for the Create Release Pull Request action to create the release PR.
  • For a backport release, the base branch should be the major version branch that you ensured existed in step 2. For a normal release, the base branch should be the main branch for that repository (which should be the default value).
  • This should trigger the action-create-release-pr workflow to create the release PR.
  1. Update the changelog to move each change entry into the appropriate change category (See here for the full list of change categories, and the correct ordering), and edit them to be more easily understood by users of the package.
  • Generally any changes that don’t affect consumers of the package (e.g. lockfile changes or development environment changes) are omitted. Exceptions may be made for changes that might be of interest despite not having an effect upon the published package (e.g. major test improvements, security improvements, improved documentation, etc.).
  • Try to explain each change in terms that users of the package would understand (e.g. avoid referencing internal variables/concepts).
  • Consolidate related changes into one change entry if it makes it easier to explain.
  • Run yarn auto-changelog validate --rc to check that the changelog is correctly formatted.
  1. Review and QA the release.
  • If changes are made to the base branch, the release branch will need to be updated with these changes and review/QA will need to restart again. As such, it’s probably best to avoid merging other PRs into the base branch while review is underway.
  1. Squash & Merge the release.
  • This should trigger the action-publish-release workflow to tag the final release commit and publish the release on GitHub.
  1. Publish the release on npm.
  • Wait for the publish-release GitHub Action workflow to finish. This should trigger a second job (publish-npm), which will wait for a run approval by the npm publishers team.
  • Approve the publish-npm job (or ask somebody on the npm publishers team to approve it for you).
  • Once the publish-npm job has finished, check npm to verify that it has been published.

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply.

Blocked in step 1… Cos I don’t understand the whole process.

Must I have to clone my fork locally, cos then in the process we must use yarn and so on…

Thank you for your support

@KBeeTheCapybara plz could you confirm as it’s my first release.

  1. SemVer = v1.0.0
  2. No backporting
  3. Never do that but saw that you can do it from github browser
  4. Add commit logs here right ?

for the point 5,6 and 7 is it possible to do it from github browser @KBeeTheCapybara ?

Thank you for your support.


I have asked someone from the team to see if I can get more details for you then what is on GH. If you’d like, you can also open this as a question/issue on GH under contract-metadata (the GH path you shared before).

Hi @Vesper.eth !

Got some answers and a question for you :slight_smile:

Regarding your first question "Must I have to clone my fork locally" the answer is yes because your do not have permission to the repo.


  1. Fork and create PR with your assets
  2. 2-3 weeks later there is a repo release
  3. Release has to be included into MM code and released as well

Regarding “Release & Publishing part is really not clear for me need support if someone can guide me?

  1. Every few weeks tag repo and release
  2. Include new version in MM applications and release as well

Can I ask, what PR are you forking? Is it 804 or another ? Could you share which one? Thanks!

Hi there,

sorry for my late answer,

This my fork ==> https : // github .com / activiteOCR / contract-metadata

If I well understood the next for me is PR and then wait 2-3 weeks right ?

TBH I don’t know which PR I forked how can I check that ?

Thank you for your support.

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@KBeeTheCapybara it’s my PR ==> https :// github . com/ MetaMask /contract-metadata/pull/1158


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Hey! Ok, thanks! Will share.

Hi @KBeeTheCapybara I have got a reply for my pull request.

My svg is around 45kB and I don’t know how to reduce the size of my logo, if you have any advice for this point ?

Thank you for your support

I would suggest searching how to reduce your file size

@nakedwinnie I did some research and try but I didn’t success to decrease the size under 5kB…
Tried some online solution, used illustrator and it doesn’t work.

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