Custom token icon not showing in Metmask Assets

Per the “Registering Tokens with Users | MetaMask Docs”, I used EIP-747 to let users add a token to MetaMask with a custom icon image. However, the Icon only shows up in 2 of the 3 scenarios below:


  • When you click “add To MetaMask” and MM prompts you.
  • On the ‘advanced token details’ page after clicking the token from Assets

Not working

  • On the Assets page

Does anyone know how to get a custom image to show up on the Assets page of MM?

Hi @ori ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community. Confirming you have reviewed the submission process here -

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On the top of that same page it says:

This repository is effectively frozen. We recommend that developers of new tokens use [EIP 747] to ask the user’s permission to display your tokens in their wallet.

Given that the image shows up in 2 / 3 pages in MM, it’s unlikely that I’m using the wrong process.

This is an interesting idea.

Hi @ori ,

I have asked this question, will keep you posted!

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