NFT token symbol and each token image is not showing

I am eth programmer and my company made NFT contract and issued some NFT token.
But when I resisted on Metamask the contract address and tokens but it’s not showing its own company logo image, and not showing each NFT coin inside of collectibles tab.

I have been searching for this for more than one week.
The reason not showing its own company logo image is I am guessing it’s because of that my company is not retested to Metamask list. is this right?

But the reason that each NFT token is not showing , I don’t know how to fix.

On ERC-721 contract,
I set tokenURI like this

_tokenURIs[tokenId] = _tokenURI;

and the value of _tokenURI is

My questions are two.

  1. can you tell me the reason that my company’s logo image is not display on inside of collectibles tab?
  2. How i set json value to make each token able to display on the collectibles tab.

I will attach image about my question.
if anyone can give me answer ?
Many Thanks.

The Image link that I am trying to make the NFT token to display…

Hi @junyokok - welcome to the MetaMask community! Thank you for your question, it is a good one. Is it possible to ask a clarifying question, so I can provide you with a more specific answer? Is your NFT currently available on any existing platforms (for example, superrare, gitcoin)?

I have the same question. @junyokok how did you get the RUSHNFT and Lavinia images to display in your wallet the first time? I am searching for how to code an SVG or png into my src or public directories in order to display in my Metamask wallet. Could you share the code where you set the logo icon/image to display as the token logo in Metamask? Thank you so much!

@Tom feel free to comment, I’m attempting to add a logo to my NFT that displays in Metamask, even when I am not connected explicitly to, for instance, my client-side react app. Is that possible? I know you can define a in the of my website and that displays the token logo in metamask when connected to that site, but is it possible to hardcode a NFT token logo to display in Metamask no matter what site?

We have same problem. Why the MetaMask team does not help us? :slight_smile:

Did anyone ever figure out how to get a logo to appear?