CustomTokens Format Customizing

Problem: The use of custom tokens with 18 or more sometimes if the defi space creates many issues with usable information for metamask users.
For example, say I have 1,234,567,890 NewSpaceDogCelebShit tokens call them NSDCT .
In your Metamask accounts a useful piece of information is “what the hell is this token” . That what I want to know, and there are a couple ways to do that presently. I could look at the picture icon, right now jazzi or blocki or the TokenDev has custom icon somehow attached to contract . I can also look at the name “Token Symbol” given and I can even customize the Token Symbol so I could change my hypothetical NSDCT to NSDCTverified or NSDCTgood or NSDCT-I-checked.

The issue is that all the pictures/icons end up for all intents and purposes meaningless without being able to customize the picture file. Sorry Blockies/Jazzicoins don’t cut it, not even close-if they’re supposed to be worth 1000 words these are worth 2 at best.
And the token name customization is great except you cant see it in the overall list because the size of the nuber being represented, either exxesive ammount or accessive presicsion.

So what I see is a long list of

rect[Attributes Style] {
x: 0;
y: 0;
width: 32;
height: 32;
transform: translate(-0.856117, -2.42394) rotate(429.4deg, 16, 16);
fill: rgb(250, 71, 0);
} 1234566.987654213

or 0.0000001223456
with no tokenNames viewable

Basically its a bunch of different colored circles and long numbers.

Solution, Hopefully,
So my offered solutions are as follows

  1. Maybe simplest, have the tokenname come before the number so that the name doesent get pushed off the viewport. I will argue that knowing what it is matters both first and foremost. Knowing the ammount is meaningless without knowing what it is.

  2. Allow us to attached custom png files in our accounts, they dont need to show up in the DEXs userinterface or anything like that, so that we could create pictures that are worth a 1000 words tied to each custom token.

  3. User level control over attributtes of the UI to include window dimensioning, max character length of datum, number format, and more options for customizing the added custom tokens.