Custom Token Logo Display and Fiat value

When adding a custom token to the wallet it would be real nice to have the official token logo display on the wallet. A big part of the user experience of owning the tokens is having the visual logo display of your token. Also the fiat money value from the token contract doesn’t display on the custom token also. Thank you!

YES! This is a must have :+1:t5:


Please other wallets have this feature, kindly enable it in your next update


there were some logos and values, all prices disappeared with the last update. The logos are gone.


This is a must have! Why call it a wallet when you can’t even see the value of the tokens…


YASSSSS! I have so many smart chain tokens and it would be nice to know my balance in fiat for each individual holding + absolutely it’s 2021 being able to display logo’s or change display image to easily identify each token. I legit expected metamask to already be on top of this and I was disappointed when everything looks the same and only thing to differentiate is the symbol label


Agree with the OP 1000000% This is a must have feature on BSC too…
On ETH most of my tokens works great btw.

Above that Id’ like to have:

1: an option for custom picture upload. (in case a logo cannot be automatically loaded in from official channels).

2: A note field (for each coin individually in the main list).

3: A flag as scam button, so when we add a new custom we can see if it flagged scam by the community and ofc we can contribute. (Display should indicate how many votes came in totaly and the ratio of the scam or not side.

4: fast link for each token to reach a chart (OR even better built in chart even a small google styled one)

5: option to quickly copy the token contract address from the list of tokens.

6: AS OP said We need to quickly see how much each coin holdings worth in (B)USD or BNB (chosen by the wallet owner in settings).

7: night mode.

8: Possible an all networks watcher so we need not change between networks.
(I try to ellaborate: I tend to connect my wallet to sites to see rewards / reflections / farming / staking data, but I have both BSC and ETH tokens. So I have to change my wallet constantly when I change between webpages. This if can be solved to not force us to constantly switch would be great)


Thanks for bringing this up. We will speak with the team and assess its feasibility.


Hey everyone! :fox_face:

Custom token logo display is already in release for Ethereum network on both mobile and extension and for custom networks (bsc and polygon) on mobile. For other networks on extension, token logo is available for users that opt in in token detection.

Fiat value is still not available, but it is in discussion :slight_smile:


Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. I haven’t figured out why they don’t work when adding by token contract address, but when I add them through links in dApps they seem to work just fine.


How do we even change the logo? Cant seem to find how? Thx


For your own token you developed or for just a token you hold? If it is just for a token you hold, that would be up to the token’s developers to change the logo.


:+1:t4: exactly. I agree


I think as long as it can show the dollar price, there are too many currencies in the world


Would love to see this, or even to be able to add your own if there is a logo out there


Yesss, having the option to add custom token images would be awesome, so many tokens have really nice looking logos

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agree for your request .good feature.

Agreed, especially needed for the bsc network. I transferred some Binance pegged tokens from my trust wallet to metamask to keep my smartchain tokens in one place and it does not display the fiat value like trust wallet did. I’d think if trust wallet can do it metamask could too?


i think this is a good idea, but need metamask support it , the custom must discuss about it with
metamask team

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