Import TITANO token

MetaMask is able to calculate the value (fiat) for each token/coin contained in the wallet. Recently TITANO contract has changed and there was a need to add this new contract in the wallet. While MetaMask recognises the name of the token (TITANO) when entering the contract address in the ‘Custom Token’ window, the value (fiat) of the total TITANO tokens stored in the MetaMask wallet is not updated (it was before with the original TITANO contract address).
There is probably something to do there. Whether it is for the developers or other staff, it has to be done…

Hello, welcome to metamamsk community. The problem you mentioned may be related to the API interface collected by metamamsk, but as long as the number of coin is correct, don’t worry. I wish you a happy life. :innocent:

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Thank you for your response.

That would mean that it is on Titano side that some work has to be done for having the amount (fiat) correctly displayed? Correct?

Note: Am not worried about my ownings, I just like to the see things properly done.

Happy life to you too!

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