Display USD equivalent of other networks

Hi all,

I think it would be great to be able to see the USD (or other FIAT) equivalent of all our tokens.
This feature is currently only working for the ETH network.


Yes I agree! That would be great to have an idea of the worth of every token in our wallet in FIAT (like Trust Wallet for example)


You really need to include this to match with your competitors, i moved my tokens to trust wallet because of this


What do we need to get this implemen in the next update?


Yes please. I don’t understand why there’s no fiat value showing when there’s so many users for Binance Chain. Even BNB value not showing is silly.

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How hard can it be to add this very simple feature?

Yeah please, it’s very important.

Bravo to the Metamask development team… They finally did it, at least it shows fiat value in BSC… And I also suspect that now BSC is a preconfigured chain… Buill waiting for a serious answer from tech support!

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Thanks for sharing this! We will bring this up to the development team related to other networks.

Hey everyone! :fox_face:

This feature is already available on MetaMask mobile for BSC and Polygon, but is still on development backlog for MetaMask extension.