Dai network how can work?

I want to send some dai token to other people .
how can i do this with few gas fee?

Hi @habib362
Are you currently using the ethereum main net?
https://ethgasstation.info/ can be a great resource to monitor and figure the period when the gas fee is low.

Although, not recommend, you can always lower the gas price slightly, but ensure the gas limit is enough to cover the transaction. This will cause the transaction to take longer to complete.

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hi isq
i use etherium mainnet but when i choose xdai network but i cant use dai that i have in mainnet
how can i use dai in mainnet in xdai network

hello, yes you’re correct. You may need to look for a bridge solution. On Metamask, you can only see the token in the network:

when you’re on mainnet- you see only tokens in mainnet
when you’re on xDai network- you see only tokens in xdai network

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i find binance bridge but it have limit amount to 50 dai at least :(((