Dark mode please!

Add dark mode view to mobile app and web browser extension

Upvote here!

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Absolute must!
Dark mode is really important when you are burning the midnight hours and need to do some defi


Totally agree!
We can find dark mode in almost every app and site. It protects our eyes and increases contrast, makes contents clear to see.
Please make a dark theme better than the Binance Chain Wallet!


Appreciate if dark mode can be provided, it is almost completed as I have seen on Github. The issue has been there since 2018! Please!


yes please add dark mode

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How does an app/extension this advanced not have dark mode as a setting at baseline in 2021?


Come on metamask this brightnest is killing my eyes hurry up n give us darkmode

  1. How does this not have more votes?
  2. How is this not already a feature? It’s literally one of the simplest UI changes and makes a big difference for people that use this app at night (and prefer not to be blasted by completely white screens)…
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Please add, this pure white look is blinding.

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absolutely mad that they dont just implement this in a week;

also, when implemented, please give the option to auto-set darkmode based on the darkmode setting of the device itself and while we‘re at it maybe also the option to choose a custom highlight color?

in the meanwhile, for those like me who cant wait: on ios, make an automation that turns on smart invert when MM is opened and another automation that turns smart invert off when MM is closed, make sure that “Ask Before Running” is off

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Hell yes!!! Its 2021 now for God’s sakes.

It should be a standard now for every app to adapt Dark Mode!!

Come on, we have some DeFinances to do at night too!! And we want to take care of our eyes!!!