Deceptive request when bridging funds

Hi MM!
We’d like you to help us remove this ‘deceptive request’ warning. Does anyone know why is it happening?

The website can be accessed from the link that’s included in the screenshot. The bridge is from a reputable project in the space and has been operational for years. We recently observed this change in MM behavior and would like to fix it for our users.


Please take a look here:


Thank you :bowing_man:
How long does it usually take to get things added to your whitelist?

edit: Adding the opened issue for reference [Unblock Legitimate Site] · Issue #14489 · MetaMask/eth-phishing-detect · GitHub


Hey @leondolinar, a slight mix up here, this is actually a warning for a deceptive request, not for a deceptive site.

You can read more about the deceptive request warning here on our Knowledge Base:


Ok, so if I understand correctly, there’s a 3rd party (well,… 4th to be exact) called Blockaid who arbitrarily decides what is and isn’t deceptive request. Is there a way to see how these checks are made so that we can potentially alter our contracts?


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