Delete Import Address / Keep MetaMask Address

• I imported a “Guarda” Harmony One wallet address to MetaMask.
• Now my “Guarda” wallet address has a MetaMask governing address connected to many Defi platform and several associated Tokens on the harmony network.
• I would no longer like my “Guarda” wallet address associated with the governing MetaMask address.
• Can I deleted the imported account without loosing all the other Tokens? Will the governing address remain, or do I have to move all the other tokens to a new wallet first?

Hi @Gordon_Wallanger welcome to Metamask Community!
If the imported wallets were created and imported with separate keys then you must have to move funds before you deleted them or at least have back up those private keys, else you will loose your funds.
But if you created additional account using Metmask wallet they can be accessed with same phrase and also they can’t be deleted either.

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