Did not get my tokens for Loop

0x819fD3504ec4d48284F3549b2639b3B6271D2aEa. On Monday I tried to order loop tokens and and with that the system froze and it took transaction for gas but gas and it was only one transaction I did but still didn’t receive my coin and still waiting to and the system had an error and it charged my account like 5 to 6 times which is gas price and I wanted to know if I can get my gas price back. I also wanted to know where what happened to my tokens that I purchase and why this is why the system charged me so many times when it was just one transaction and used up all my credit and I wanted to get a refund back on it plus my token for the gas price

Needed a refund back on my gas price that was charged more than one time for one transaction. Still didn’t get my tokens system froze 0x819fD3504ec4d48284F3549b2639b3B6271D2aEa

Looking at your address there is a lot of Claims and it seems that you payed around 6 USD in fees for claiming Drip. Cloud it be the Drip that was the problem and not the Loop token ?

The only thing I can see about Loop is in the last transfer, where you bought or sent 0.01 USD to the Loop Network.

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