Failed transaction but lost the funds

i lost my funds on failed transaction I was trying to buy fine but i lost the bnb what should i do now

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By “lost funds” do you mean the gas fee or the actual tokens you were trying to send?

A gas fee is still taken by the network for a failed transaction, but you should receive back the tokens you were trying to send.

No i lost the funds i know that gas fee is being charged but i have lost the funds as well

Thank you for clarifying. For your privacy and security, I’ve created a support ticket for you so we can assist you with investigating further.

Thank you for your patience!

I can provide you the screenshots if you want please let me know

I am having the same issue but no gas fee is taken and the eth is still in my wallet…
just sending eth continues to fail even after customizing sconce to 0 or 1.
quickly wallet returns to homescreen with my original balance… no transaction ID not able to view on etherscan… can also send screenshots

the same problem here ?

how that’s can be and there are any live chat how can i get back my funds i need help where is the admin

Hello, same problem here i think so. I just cancelled a pending transaction (more of 15 hours after initiating it), cancel is successful but no funds on my wallet !

Tengo el mismo caso: Perdí los fondos
Mi trasaccion fue enviada a la dirección de 0x29039738dcbbd32f94895dbe32e4608e5dd4f58e

Pero mientras 2dias sucedio un “Dropped & Replaced” y la transacción fue “Replaced” de corrección direccion desconocida 0x7ed0db0f3041b5884948d69dbef032d07016f578
??nose porque sucedió esto

same problem here. please help us recover our lost tokens, thanks

good day sir, i am having the same problem, the transaction failed and it said that it was reverted, but i cant find it neither in my ronin account and metamask, thank you in advance good sir

Same happened to me, lost all the money from the failed transaction. Here it says:

"Log De Atividades

Transação criada com valor de 0.100357 BNB a 19:44 on 8/29/2021.

Transação enviada com taxa de gas de 0.001 ETH a 19:44 on 8/29/2021.

Transação confirmada a 19:44 on 8/29/2021.

A transação encontrou um erro."

but haven’t got my funds back. all the money disappeared
Transaction ID: 0x81bb1ec07f066766cc4fa22448a0d272e61f0f4b2e29ef008c69d37da392b49d

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I need help recovering my funds from a transaction to change LE to PVU. The transaction was unsuccessful indicating “Fall with error BEP20 transfer amount exceeds balance” and additionally in the contract it indicated “Warning! Error found during the execution of the contract (reverse execution)”

The LEs left my account in Plant vs undead but they did not reach metamask and they are not displayed anywhere.

At the time of executing the transaction, it had a fund for gas.

Please your help to recover my funds and understand what happened.

Thank you so much

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Hi there. This error message indicated it generated from the contract side. Have you had a chance to contact the support of the dapp you were interacting with?

Aconteceu comigo a mesma coisa, eu quero saber o que houve e se vou reaver meus 6,5 PVUs.

Hi, this happened to me too. I lost the value of the transaction in addition to the gas.

I created a support ticket but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Here’s the transaction ID: 0xbf44d6328bb31b9a76528979df438166bec67ed4e07f4c616b989b8180781fa5


I have the same issue happened 2 days ago. I have a support ticket but no response so far.

Please let me know how I can get back my token.


Almost the same case here. I cancelled the transaction but it got substracted anyway and there is no sing of the LE or the PVU… My ticket is #321235

Guys I think I figured out. Sometimes the transaction keeps like pending so they substrack the LEs or PVUs but you can’t see them anywhere. The way I solved it was trying to make a new exchange and there it said that I had a pending transaction.

Muchachos, creo que encontré la solución. Parece que es posible que la transacción se quede como pendiente y que aunque te resten los LEs o PVUs no vas a poderlos verlos en ningún lugar. Mi solución fue meterme como si fuera a hacer un nuevo cambio y ahí me apareció el aviso de que tenia una transacción pendiente.