Transaction Dropped and Replaced? Didn't receive refund?Lost funds?

Hi! I think I might have lost my funds? The transaction saying dropped/replaced. Basically I got an error and I pressed cancel and The cancellation was susssfull but I got not refund. Please help. Thank you

Please check below:

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Although you attempted to cancel your transaction, it had already received too many confirmations in order to cancel it.

When a transaction is dropped and replaced, the txid is replaced with a new one. You can view your completed transaction here.

I think I have a similar problem… wanted to swap some eth for bles on uniswap but made a typo on the gas fee and transaction got stuck. Transaction got dropped and replaced but don’t see my tokens refunded.
anyone any solutions? Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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and so then when I click on the token hash link it’s been replaced with then apparently the transaction is completed. But the receiving address for that transaction is unknown to me…

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Please submit a support ticket with these details and we’ll be glad to investigate with you further.

Hi, I also had a transaction which was dropped and replaced. When it went through then my ETH was sent to an unknown address. I already opend a support ticket ten days ago but no response. Can you help?

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Hi! @Incognico

Was your issue resolved? And how? Am currently facing the same issue that when hash was replaced the receiving wallet address changed as well. Thanksb

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Good Day @julia10
Is your problem about dropped and replaced transaction already solved? Please reply asap ma’am/sir, I really need some response right now plss

Hi @p90k2xcon mine is not yet resolved until now. Havent received any response from metamask yet.

@p90k2xcon @Incognico Soo was anyone able to actually recover their tokens? This is scary…