Dropped & Replaced / Change address / Incorrect Hash

My first transaction has been “Dropped & Replaced”
Eventually, it has replaced by a new transaction by your system. However, the address or to was incorrect.

Transaction ID: 0x9b5468e564aa2d26e137b641e9ebecc317599e1fb010226cbf4d6c1311a912fc

Am experiencing the same issue currently.

Initial TX: 0x0546bf34db4cc8fe56aa6115d27534cdb2d81036c27ffc0f9a1aeaa06f970a51

Replaced TX: 0xdebc672551b8adc430f0ccc7ca9a5cbca10b58c75eacadd2a06e8010fd05a11c

The destination or receiving wallet address is different. How were you able to have your issue fixed? I already email Metamask but haven’t received a response yet.


@julia10 @PaulWinSoon Hello. Was anyone able to recover their funds? I’m experiencing the exact same problem

Anybody know the cause of is?

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