Transaction got dropped, did not received my funds back

Hi there,

Yesterday on 29th of december i’ve sended 0.6 Ether ($2,234.84) to my Metamask account.
After that I’ve tried to pay two NFT’s. Unfortunately the transaction was pending very long. Then i’ve tried to cancel the transaction to higher the gasfees. This was not possible. I tried again and again even when having enough funds in my account, it did not work. It kept telling me that I did not have enough fees in my account.

I’ve followed the guidelines via the helpcentre of Metamask for pending transaction and did a reset on my account. Still did not work. I started to feel a little panic you must understand.

I’ve checked the transaction on etherscan and after some hours it told me that the transaction got dropped. I’ve search for what this means.

The transaction is failed / did not get through but even after almost 4 hours my funds of $2,234.84 did not get back into my wallet. Today 1 day later I still don’t see my funds. I really hope someone can help me out with this :’(

Transaction hash:

It looks like there was another transaction that was successful that sent the ETH to the intended address :point_down:


Thank you for your response!

But how is this possible when it dropped at first and nothing has changed after that. And I didn’t get any of the NFT’s that I bought.

What can I do now?

The transaction just looks like a transfer of ETH from one wallet address to another wallet address, meaning there was no interaction with NFTs involved. The only thing that should have changed was the amount of ETH in the transaction being transferred out of your wallet. I’m not sure what your intention for the ETH transfer was, but it was not a transaction for any NFTs.

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Thank you for your time.

Minted two NFT’s from this website w w w hapebeastsproject. c o m/ :frowning:

But then again it’s very strange that I was not able to cancel the transaction while still pending. Then I see that the transaction got dropped, but now it seems like it still got through. I’m very confused. Is there anything I can do?

Please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate website.

If this transaction was initiated from trying to mint an NFT on a website, it likely was a scam website. The transaction was a direct transfer of ETH to another wallet address, not the minting of an NFT.

All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, so these funds are not retrievable.


There is NO Presale for HAPEBEAST - only whitelist minting.
Unfortunately you got scammed. The Website is Fake.
Sorry to tell you


ok, thank you for your help!



It is what it is… any idea on how to get on the whitelist?

Thank you for your help.

There is no chance anymore to get on the whitelist. It´s only for members on Discord and Twitter who supported the project for months.
But there are other big projects to come. Today was Bored Bunny minting for example - rocketing now on opensea.
Best Amynodon

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Thank you :slight_smile: Bored Bunny looks great!!
Just missed out on the mint, better to buy after the reveal right?

How do you spot good upcoming projects? Missed out on Crypto Bulls & Hape which where both my favorite :sleepy: got scammed instead.

Hola me ayudarian por favor? envie 25 matic de hotbit a metamask por la red de polygon pero no me han llegado.

Try to be up to date via this sites: nftscoring and/or nextdrop.
Always try to get on the project´s Discord, if you don´t, you will not get any inside information on how to get on the whitelist etc…
Next big thing will be: C-01 (WarnerBros and Louis Vuitton).
We all got scammed somehow, it´s part of the learning process i guess…
Try to stay positive and gather as much info about a project as possible.
Best of luck Amynodon

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Thank you so much fir your insights, this really helps!

All the best to you too :kissing_heart:

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Hola @Daniel31, por favor crea un nuevo tema para tu problema por separado :slight_smile:

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