Transaction "Dropped" - When can I expect to receive it?

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A transaction was dropped 2 days ago and the status hasn’t been updated to pending again for a new attempt of the transaction. So when can I expect for another attempt???

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Hi, this happened to me today, has yours been fixed?

Yes, the money should go back into the original sent account, just have to resend it.

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Thanks for replying, mine was for an NFT and the money got taken but the NFT didn’t get delivered. It’s probably slightly different to yours.

Hmm… have you checked it’s not a scam?

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Yeah I bought something from opensea and there was gas volatility at the time. My transaction got stuck and my ethereum too…

Just wait and see what happens. High volatility causes disruption, totally normal. Waiting is the hardest part though! What did you buy if you don’t mind me asking?

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It was rarepepes on opensea