Mint pending but transaction dropped on etherscan

I attempted to mint an nft. In my metamask wallet It says mint pending still but when I click the transaction ID etherscan shows the status as dropped. It has been 1 day and 19 hours. How do I get my funds released back to me that are still being held in the pending transaction.

Drop transaction are automatically refunded. If you’re still seeing MetaMask showing the transaction as pending please open a support ticket via the support link on your app or extension.

I have submitted 2 support tickets already

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`I still have not received a response. Is there any other way to get in touch with someone to resolve this?

Thank you for your patience. Our current wait time is around 7 days.
Kindly note that creating multiple tickets on the same topic would delay the replies for you and others.

Can you help to share your state log via the ticket if you haven’t already done so?