Mint NFTs on Cronos


On March 27th, I drank Mint NFT in CRO coins on the Crosnos network.
After pressing the Mint button and confirm the wallet has deducted money. I can’t Mint even though the money is deducted.
I have followed the Metamask help center guidelines regarding pending transactions and have reset my account. To date I still have not received the amount of the failed transaction. Can you tell me where my money went?
My wallet address: 0x6f4AA707751954CB8b4320FD8C2E7645E05C34EC

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Your wallet transferred 153.93 usdts to the following address on March 28. Is this your wallet address? 0x06c30af8a82aaf9cfd319f8644584276bfbec42f


Thanks !
Oh no. The amount of -905 Chromium used to Mint NFT on March 27 . Not transferring USDT.

Can you send the transaction hash for that CRO transaction?

0x6f4AA707751954CB8b4320FD8C2E7645E05C34EC Hello, the wallet address you provided doesn’t have any records about your consumption of 900cro. Please provide the transaction hash. Thank you

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the transaction hash: 0x32da159dc22f5d3c3d6e9e15e013ec085a9b589a141d076f186ad2f90ec1c2da
My money is lost without any successful transaction notification. When I look at the web history, there are a lot of lines “MetaMask Notification

The transaction hash does not seem to exist. There may be an error somewhere that is not displayed.

If you would like, you can contact the support team at and click Start a conversation

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