Cannot get my cro coins

I cannot receive cronos coins on the cronos network on my metamask. I have the cronos network added. And I sent it with the cronos network from crypto,com and it didnt arrive in the right network on my metamask. Please help fast I think someone has my seed phrase

Hi @Xyomga , would you like to provide your wallet address to look into it? Or you can check by yourself on the explorer if the coins arrived in your wallet.


How did you add the Cronos network to Metamask ?

You say it arrived in the wrong network, what network did it arrive in?

Can you post the transfer hash from the transfer you did ?

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It arrived in my Ethereum mainnet network and I added it through the cronos website. I’ve had successfully transactions with eth to the cronos network but Everytime I sent CRO to the network in the same wallet it goes to my ethereum mainnet

They are in the wallet just the wrong network

0x91e27F583C427d3320145ECF6Ac5F4870942E897 this is the wallet address I sent it to. I just seen it’s pending in crypto,com but I sent it 45 mins ago

Your Cronos tokens are in Eth Network you need to switch to ETH network and add the tokens manually by pasting the contract address i.e 0xA0b73E1Ff0B80914AB6fe0444E65848C4C34450b
copy this contract address and you will see your Cronos tokens in the wallet.

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Moreover, you have ETH in your Cronos Network as well which again you have to add manually if you are unable to see them.

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Did you also transfer these CRO using the Cronos network ? And you are sure you did choose to use Cronos instead af CRO network ?

I found these to ways to add the Cronos network. Dont know why there is difference in how they do it. The first screenshot is from cronos(.)org



Yes that is the same network I used thank you all for your help. I’m gonna see if adding the contract will help

I tried adding the CRO contract to metamask but I think that’s the contract for the Ethereum mainnet. This is the screenshot of the pending transaction

I got It thank you guys. I added wrapped cro and shortly after it appeared idk if I had anything to do with it or if it just takes over 2 hours lol


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