Metamask transfer failed and lost my fund

hello,I failed my translation and lost my fund.
What should i do???
I know it will charge gas fee,but i also lost my find


Hello @loty711, welcome to MetaMask community.

Your funds should be returning to your wallet shortly, if your transaction failed. Only the gas fee will be paid out as you mentioned as well.


Hello,so grad to be here.
Sadly my funds didn’t return after 14 hours,i dont mind the gas fee…

anyone can help…?I need this so much…

Hey @loty711, would you be able to share a transaction hash?


Hello @nakedwinnie ,


Yes, but in order to be able to check the transaction on the blockchain explorer a TXID in plain text would be better. You can use this article for guidance How to find a transaction ID

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Sometimes, if your coins/token balance is not correct you can try the steps from this article MetaMask states “Balance may be outdated”, displays in orange, or ETH not added to balance

and check if you have enabled the browser permissions and also make sure you have the latest version of MetaMask browser extension installed. It should be 10.15.0

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I cant cleick my ‘Copy Transaction ID’…

And i am using firefox, what should i do?

Thank you so much!

Hello @loty711 , Please share your public wallet address then and we will take a look at it. NEVER share the Secret Recovery phrase and the Private Key.


Sure! 0x8E606ac138bF2a0B332CCc739C48FCfd84F5DE58

thank you so much

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@loty711 On June 14, 0.0954 ETH was transferred from your wallet, and a few hours later you received 0.0082 ETH. Is it the last transaction? If not please share the transaction ID then.

Please click on “View on block explorer” and then you can get the transaction ID.

Yes, received 0.0082 ETH is my last transaction.

0.0954 ETH was transferred- this one didn’t have a transfer id…

is my another metamask wallet,and this wallet didnt get anything…

It seems the transaction was successful and the funds were transferred away to another public address.

this one?

The transaction has is: 0x6d449862a97ba5505b159eb0a5a026e6ae58d27fe1bf9a494c249328b233ffba


what is this? what should I do now? :cold_face: