Didn’t Receive Eth on BSC wallet from Metamask

I just transferred Eth from Metamask to BSC wallet , the transaction is confirmed but nothing showed up , tried to re enter my wallet again but nothing new happens, what to do !

Hello, welcome to metamask community. Can you be more specific? Do you transfer directly from eth chain to BSC chain?

No I transferred from Meta mask wallet to BSC wallet

Are you transferring out from metamask on BSC chain?

I transferred from Meta Mask wallet to Binance BNB Wallet

Hello, please provide your transfer ID


This is the transaction Hash

I made another transfer also and not received

You have successfully transferred to this address, 0xda80a65e5d257af155fa24f89d4f7b9019b74668. Please use this address to add eth chain, and you can see your eth

You can use the private key of this address to import in the ETH chain of metamamsk

This is my BSC wallet address, I added Eth already but it still equals zero nothing received till now

How to youse the Private key as you said any steps ?

The following is the method of exporting the private key. Under no circumstances should you disclose your private key. You can use the private key to restore your account in metamask. In addition, you use eth chain transfer. Please check it in eth chain

I already closed and restored my Account through the secret words and nothing shows up , any other way to import my transaction ?

Are you sure you use eth chain?

I don’t know exactly , I just transferred Eth from my metamask wallet to BSC Wallet after pasting the BSC Wallet Adress , that’s all

You can carefully check the link I sent above, which describes in detail how to send assets from eth chain to BSC chain. In addition, from your message, I can see that you should be a novice. It is necessary to learn some basic knowledge. You can check our knowledge base, which may be helpful to you.https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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I know you say you have sent it to your “BSC Wallet”, but my guess is that your money is on the Ethereum network in this address 0xda80a65e5d257af155fa24f89d4f7b9019b74668 as @Tksly also say. You can see the money using etherscan, not when using bscscan

If you in Metamask switch to the Ethereum network for your 0xda80a65e5d257af155fa24f89d4f7b9019b74668 address, you should be able to see your money. Otherwise we misunderstand each other

Just to be sure, when you say “BSC Wallet”, do you mean your Metamask wallet(Smart chain Network) or do you mean an address you have on the website binance(.)com ?

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