Didn't receive my ETH from Metamask (Arbitrum Network) to Binance!

I have withdraw 0.52 ETH from MetaMask (Arbitrum Network) to Binance, but didn’t receive anything even it says that the transaction is done. Transaction ID is:
I opened support ticket on Binance that the deposit is not done.
Your help would be appreciated.

Hi friend! @BlackRock Welcome to the MetaMask community forum.
According to the TX that you shared (90xf13f30502bab82b4598894bf1d4589afa2cd7f8e09e5784ff7160f4f851c0535) the transaction has succesfully been included in a block on the Arbitrum network 1 hour and 40 minutes ago. Binance should have received the ETH by now, assuming 1. You’ve sent to the correct address 2. Binance accepts ETH deposits from the Arbitrum network. I would take a look into the things I mentioned first. If you’ve sent to the correct address and Binance supports ETH deposits from ARB network, you’d have to get in touch with Binance and ask them for help.
I hope the above answers your question. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

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The transaction is completed. See this eth address in your binance account?0xD9b18cfE03Deb05C354106e2c353597f35f1430D
If so, write on the binance support again.


Hello and welcome to MetaMask community,
The ETH is now at this account: 0xd9b18cfe03deb05c354106e2c353597f35f1430d
In case it is your deposit account at Binance, contact Binance Support again.


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