ETH sent from Binance is not reflected in Metamask

ETH sent from Binance is not reflected in Metamask. The transaction is successful. However, pressing the receive button only displays the details, and there is no change. The ETH of the wallet remains 0 after one day. I’m worried. I made an inquiry but did not receive a reply. There is no mistake in the shipping wallet address on ERC20.

Hi @hana, would you mind posting a link to your transaction here?

Excuse me, but isn’t it abused? What is a trading link?

You can send it in a private message if you would like.

The transaction link is a link to your transaction on a public blockchain explorer like Etherscan or Binance Smart Chain. You should have a link to this on the transaction details page of your Binance account.

Where are your private messages?

Should I send the transaction ID?

transaction ID 0xf3229f283a4355801957dd3c7dcbc18a2d498cf2911d2f596f4f90abdb0d24c4

hey @hana ,

You’re right that you withdrew from Binance onto the Ethereum Mainnet (ERC20). are you sure your network is set to the Ethereum Mainnet in the top bar of the wallet?

Screenshot from 2021-04-23 12-21-47