I don't see the tokens I sent from Binance to my MetaMask

To use the Binance network on MetaMask, but you must first add the RPC network. You can find instructions to do so here.

Once the network is added, you will also need to add any custom tokens that you send to your MetaMask wallet. You can find instructions to do so here. On the Binance Smart Chain RPC network, ETH is also considered a custom token.

You can read further information and instructions on how to use the Binance network with MetaMask here.


@alip14 You can find the answer to your question in this post here!

@CTI You can find the answer to your question here!

Daha önce bnb gönderdim. Problem yaşamadım. Ama şimdi eth görünmüyor. Metamask kullanmakla hata yaptim sanirim

English Translation: I’ve sent bnb before. I had no problem. But now eth doesn’t show up. I guess I made a mistake using metamask

süleyman aynı sorunu bende yaşıyorum eth olarak gönderdim ama gelmedi sorunu çözebildin mi ?

Evet, adresimi ropsten etherium faiced’ yapıştırdım. Ardindan eth’i tanitmam gerekti url. Ve diğer şeyleri. Binance akademide bir yazi vardi. oradan baktim birazina. Ama işin gerçeği çok bilerek yapmadım. Bu kadar karmaşık olmamalı

bende yapamadım çok karışık , adımları biraz daha anlatırsan sevinirim

Eth is not a native token on the Binance Chain. To see it on your Metamask, you will have to add it as a custom token. You can read more about it here

ben binanceden bsc 20 ağıyla eth gönderdim bnb yollamadım

Yes since ETH on the Binance chain is not a native token, it won’t show up automatically, You will have to [add the Binance peg eth as a custom token on Metamask to enable Metamask to display it.


I did the procedure like showed above but it didn’t work. My money just gone!!!

@mhp Please submit a support ticket with your public address and details of the tokens you should be seeing in your wallet. We’ll be glad to assist further.

Missing Coins During Transfer From TrustWallet to Metamask

Hello, I tried to send 105 CAKE worth 2000$ from my trustwallet to metamask.The transaction seems completed but I lost my tokens.They are not in my metamask nor trustwallet.

This is my transaction ID. The recipient address is not my Metamask adress. Mine is 0xAD8881178823da7CD85bf19EABa246ba43c19828

Transaction ID: 0xd96e9fbdb83956be3f4856917b7c1842a9f1ed0729ba1511d95a132a789da98e

Can you please help me?

Thank you

Copy the token contract directly and add it to the add token

Unfortunately I sent some POLS from my BSC wallet to My MetaMask before setting up my bsc on MetaMask, i do have my transation Hash, but i can’t access my funds thru MetaMask, is there a way to revert or redirect my funds to my new MetaMask bsc?
Anyone? help!

thank you

Hi, please help me. I lost all my ETH in my Metamask wallet. It’s my first time to use Metamask Wallet. I transferred money from Binance to Metamask Wallet (transaction is successful) after the transfer it never reflected to my Matemask wallet. Upon checking, there was a history of an authorized transfer to different Metamask address which I never did. I didn’t not do anything. I’m just waiting for my money transferred to Matemask Wallet.

The same thing happened to me last night I withdraw BNB to Meta Mask and I didn’t add to my assets after few minutes after my withdrawal all of my assets are gone. while checking on my history transaction on BSCscan 3 authorized transfers were made which I never did. i was just waiting for my withdraw. I tried to reach out to Meta Mask support but they are not responding. any updates? can someone help me please.