Missing eth token sent from metamask to binance

I have sent some ETH tokens from Metamask wallet to binance wallet however it is not showing up in my binance wallet and have absolutely no idea how to retrieve it.

Transaction hash: 0x241d32afbe224e92a21801d69171b09eb30a97b5971539fee6ca7985c8b588b5

From: 0xc6520f77aacddf281719e27c8ec019ab44490aaa

To: 0xd551234ae421e3bcba99a0da6d736074f22192ff (Binance 2)

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi @skelly1992 try to contact Binance support: https://www.binance.com/en/chat

and you must wait (long wait) :roll_eyes: 3 - 4… hours :face_with_monocle: Binance support will write you back.

This is 0xd551234ae421e3bcba99a0da6d736074f22192ff (Binance 2)
Binance ETH address :upside_down_face: not your deposit ETH address…

I am new to all this and have not really got a clue :joy: is there any way i can get these funds back then with me sending it to binance ETH address