Eth transffered from binance but not received in metamask

I have successfully sent eth from binance through ERC20 but not received in metamask, what should i do? need help

Are you sure you selected the Ethereum Mainnet as your “Transfer network”?

The binance user interface is extremely confusing, and causes many users to accidentally withdraw their tokens on Binance’s Binance Smart Chain. If that’s the case, you’ll have to add binance smart chain as a custom network, then use the bridge contract to move the tokens back to the Ethereum Mainnet. You can read more about it here:

Yes definitely i had selected Ethereum Mainnet.

Dear Team,

How much time will it take to solve this issue? Approx 24 hours has been gone.

Hi there,

Can you please open a support ticket here with as much detail as possible including your public address and transaction hash for the eth withdraw?

I have already done this before,But on your request i did it again, Please resolve this issue as soon as possible, I need my money back. I cant afford it. Please.

Did this ever get resolved? I am having a similar issue but with quickswap.