Sending / Receiving ETH & Tokens

Friends, hello!
Help with withdrawing ETH from Binance to Metamask via BEP20 via Bscscan.
Binance - 0x24b2df16931d5d4037ef0b080f7f8362046cd5d81af43e4f36822d2c84c8dfd7 – Completed!
Bscscan - Success! Metamask - 0x7210Ea56092b43f034633003ee72e7494E38b24f.
Metamask has Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), BNB. But the money never came.
Metamask is unable to connect to the Bscscan site.
Sorry for my english.

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My account is Ok, thanks.

Hi @Shrek “Lock” your MetaMask wallet and log back in.


Open and click on fox :fox_face:



Thanks, but I don’t have such a button next to the contract.

Sorry, I didn’t understand right away. Added. Nothing happened.

Click Import Tokens :point_down:

Token Contract Address:

Yes, the token has appeared. But money is not

Hmm :thinking: what is your browser? You see some BNB now?

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I have Google Chrome

Try this:

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BNB is not.
Yes, more … When I connected the Binance Smart Chain network in MM, I got a new Binance account, which did not ask for my password, nor permission … And it did not appear right away. Therefore, I chose the value, sent it to the main wallet, which is the value.
After suffering for a long time, I went to some casino from bscscan, I saw there to add a wallet! and clapped his hands! The metamask began to accumulate with a repeated count … IT DOES NOT WORK! Switched to the second account (Binance which) - connected! I tried to delete the Binance account, it’s impossible!
Block - everything is blocked.

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In the Polygon network on MM, everything is displayed normally. The color is the same everywhere.

Yes, Polygon works well.

You see 19.9005 MATIC? :slightly_smiling_face:

You see the right ETH address here :point_down: 0x721…b24f

eth address

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The address that is specified in the transaction is displayed here.

YEAH :grinning: and displayed 0.000321 BNB which I sent

Now open and click on fox :fox_face: icon

Or open :point_right: Binance-Peg Ethereum Token (ETH) Token Tracker | BscScan

and click Add Token to Web3 Wallet


Hooray!!! Happened!!!
I did not block MM and loaded the ETH token directly into the main account, although there was already ETH there, but on a different network. The money came right away. Thanks a lot! How do you send BNB back?


I couldn’t write right away because my answers were limited to 9 hours

@Shrek Glad you have it resolved :slightly_smiling_face: You don’t have to give me back :see_no_evil: today is a BAD DAY for crypto.