Metamask won't send tokens

Hi , need help please , long story short , had eth in tokempocket swapped it to bnb sent to metamask BSC bnb (it showed up ) now two problems (new to this ) I have the bnb in metamask on BSC , symbol is incorrect , its eth like in symbol but states bnb , second I can not send out of the wallet that has the bnb in , it allows me to add the send address but nothing else happens or shows up ? So how to I get my bnb out ? Do I have it on the wrong chain caue it’s technically an erc20 token which doesn’t work on BSC ? Or do I have another problem ? Please help cause I am sure I can’t be the only one to ever make this error

Thanks farmboy73

i read somewhere that bnb isnt bep20…

Yes I have read that as well , it was originally on the eth main net , then binance made there own chain and made a bep20 token I believe thats what it’s called ,