Display Main ENS when Sending

Hey MetaMask team!

Currently, when a user inputs an ENS name in the sending list, the platform displays the corresponding public wallet address. That’s great! However, I have a suggestion to make it even better.

It would be awesome if the platform could also display the user’s main ENS on the interface when they paste in a public address. This would allow users to easily identify and verify the ENS associated with a specific public address without needing to search for it elsewhere. It would save time and make things more convenient, especially for users who frequently deal with ENS addresses.

Having the main ENS displayed on the interface would also contribute to transaction security. Users could visually confirm that the provided ENS matches the intended recipient’s address, reducing the chances of errors or fraudulent activities.

I really think this feature would add value to the platform and make the overall user experience smoother. Thank you for considering my request, and I’m excited to see this feature implemented soon!