Hello Netamask support, can you help me out, I am javing problems with my chain link? Below I the attached screenshot

Hello MetaMask Developer:

I am having problem a problem on how to get my ENS Name? I am not knowledgeable on IT stuff, The MetaMask website says,

" we cannot resolve that ENS Name.- No known ens-ipfs registry for chainid “137”.
I shall wait for your expert advice and instrucrions. THanks in advance .

    Here is my Public  address;
            Sitio Batik Àrt Space


                      -Don Reich

what to do . … i have a feeling my my metamask was compromise… i hope i am wrong… i am have no exoerience on crypto . And i am overwhelm a and i was exhausted for the past 3 weeks…

Sorry fkr the typo -error… i just use my small Samsung Phone… aside from this… i got used to opening myy open sea and metamask at my old MSWindows 10… i notice that whenevr i open it on my MetaMask… my PC hangs and slowdown… :disappointed: any advise … i did not manage to secure a Last password .

Actually i posted the second wallet… i because I cannot access my original wallet and my 1st Open sea account with 36 NFTS… donreich_dedios1977
I signed into opensea 4 months ago . And It was just 3 weeks ago that I notice that whebever i link my metanasm wallet. My PC hangs up to now. I also downloaded other Cpryto wallets later to found out that i made my dituation more confusing.

I also used my 2nd metamask wallet when i minted 3 Nfts at MoMint. they got lose too. Rob . (?) Hay… please tell my rhe best solution Metamask Developers. Other that these, i also find my Google account wierrd… nay i asm a question. Can hackers hacked my entire google account? I hooe not…

. . It also bothers me because i want to put a picture in as my profile and awhile ago when I was typing , finishing my profile as instructed, my the screen of my phone suddenly disappeared. Is it possibe that am being followed ? i am Filipino by the way. please if you may. Paki-tingnan kung mag nauna na akong naka listang profile dito?
( kindly use google translate Filipino LaNguage.).
and please if you suspect (na may nang gagaya sa akin. … Pakikandado ang lahat ng magawa kong mga pitaka )… pakiusap. :disappointed:

Hey @TheRelDonReichdeDios, ENS is for Ethereum and it looks like you are trying to use it on Polygon, which is chain ID 137


Thank you Winnie, so i will go to Etherscan and i wil find my ens address there?

Did you purchase an ENS name from https://ens.domains/?

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Thank you Metamask . There’s always lots to learn… thank for the continous support. More power

DON reich de Dios

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Thanks for asking I have not . So thats a protocol. I will check and purchase Salamat.

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Hello nakedwinnie:
Can you help me again. :relaxed: how to purchase ENS name? I went to the link and i cant find where to buy there. So in the polygon , i also need to buy a name also? :roll_eyes:

You can search for the domain you want and see if it’s available



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