Need help figuring why metamask sent to ENS: ETH Registrar Controller address?

So I transferred Apecoin from one wallet (0xFF23eea12fce2528D8637B3EaF4c20f0a1ae3692) to handsomerob.eth (0xB93AFA0Debf542fAd3b4aCF396B78FBB106110B2)


tx hash: 0x64de5762708a21204909b95368a89a5969942e356d9a1999b7e47ac7af132057

But for some reason metamask sent it to the ENS: ETH Registrar Controller address (0x283af0b28c62c092c9727f1ee09c02ca627eb7f5)

From my understanding there is no way its coming out of the ens controller address so its gone but what is my recourse as this is a software issue within metamask and it was not due to my negligence. Thanks in advance for your help!

Reach out to our helpdesk. and click the blue “Start a Conversation” button. The bot will ask a few questions then get you connected.

Thank you, I did and they aren’t very helpful as this is a weird situation. Its bad enough when the first level of support has no clue what an ENS domain is its really hard to get help. And the next level up is just posting a copy and paste reply…

This is seriously the best support this community can give. WOW. Just about as good as the actual MM support chat.

Hey @SAlNlDllvllAlNl, a ticket has been submitted and is currently open. Please continue communication with the support team, they will respond to you as soon as they can! :slight_smile:

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Some one here tell me what kind of BS response is this…

Hi Rob,

Your account is being affected by a visual bug where a previously dropped txn (in this case the txn you intended to go to your ENS), is pulled in and shows those details rather than those of the transaction you actually submitted.

In this case, your actual confirmed txn went to the ENS registrar, which could’ve easily been pulled in from your recents:

tx 0x40f34dea040ab58652e4f60e419338b1b58629984eda79ac23661fff6e903745

And resulted in this accident.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. We are working on fixing this visual bug actively.

Best Regards,
Support @ MetaMask :fox_face: | Consensys

"Hi there,

The metamask UI is a visual display bug of a transaction that never processed. You accidentally sent funds to the ENS registrar and metamask is displaying that you sent to the other address due to the visual bug.

When you submitted the transaction that confirmed, you selected the ENS registrar address.

Best Regards,
Support @ MetaMask :fox_face: | Consensys"

So my question is, if he is saying there was a txn that was previously dropped, why is there no record of this on etherscan?? And why is all the screenshots above showing exactly where it was supposed to go, but I accidently sent it to a contract address? WHATTT!!! and to be even more crystal clear…

As explained by the support team, the screenshot only displays handsomerob.eth as a visual bug on MetaMask.

If you have any further questions or issues, it is best to continue communication with the support team and they will be able to continue to assist you.

Thanks captain obvious! This issue seems to need attention from people much higher in the chain of Metamask technical support because this visual UI bug associated with handsomerob.eth caused the tx to go to the wrong address thus having my coins stuck in a contract address. Just to paint a picture for you:

In metamask UI browser wallet transferring token:
From: 0xFF23eea12fce2528D8637B3EaF4c20f0a1ae3692
To: handsomerob.eth (0xB93AFA0Debf542fAd3b4aCF396B78FBB106110B2) “UI bug” apparently
click confirm
txn hash id: 0x64de5762708a21204909b95368a89a5969942e356d9a1999b7e47ac7af132057

Thats the exact steps taken, there was no dropped/failed transaction, it would either have shown on etherscan or shown in the metamask wallet if anything was dropped or failed. Zero proof of that happening. So I have no idea where that support person got that narrative?? At least show how he came to that conclusion.

One confirm only, one transaction took place and it was sent to the contract address due to a UI bug within metamask how is this my fault?

Look, I get it, you’re trying to “help”, but your replies are literally useless with no insight or even an ounce of direction to solve this issue.

The visual UI bug is just a visual bug and was not the cause of the tokens being transferred to the wrong address.

You have an open ticket with the support team and they will be able to further answer your questions and issues.

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Okay, lets go with your absurd notion that the visual UI bug is just a visual bug and not the cause.

You mean to tell me the visual bug only affected that one transaction!? Out of all the highlighted transactions? How convenient. And where is this mythical dropped transaction that Support Allen is referring to, which was the initial tx that was going to my ENS address? Its not on etherscan, its not shown on metamask wallet? So then he infers that I made the accidental tx to my contract address. OKAYYY.

I get it, metamask does not want to take accountability, but you’re not dealing with a noob here not knowing how this works. I did not make an accident sending it to the contract address. There is a flaw either within metamasks coding and or visual UI bug before I confirmed the tx. BEFORE!

You know how dumb that excuse sounds…Its like me punching you in the face and saying “No, I didn’t punch you in the face. It was a visual bug. I punched the other person in the face, I don’t know how you got a black eye.” Ridiculous.

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