Pasting the Wrong address in metamask

I’m trying to copy the address in metamask when I’m pasting it, it’s a different number, and I sent the wrong address while sending the money into ethereum how am I going to fix this?

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I have the same issue as well. It has been 19 hours from the incident. Please let me know if you have any updates or if resolved. thank you

I have the same problem with yours. I sent my ETH from Binance to Metamask and I copied the wrong Metamask address. Please let me know if they fix yours. I sent them email for how many times but no reply.

I have the same problem. Did you get your ETH back?

Hi everyone. Welcome to the MetaMask community.
I’m sorry to hear about what you experienced.
Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, it is impossible to revert any successful transactions. We highly encourage our wallet holders to double-check the “to” address before confirming the transaction.

One possible solution is to contact the owner of the “to” address to ask them kindly to send the funds back.
There is a security tip here. The device may be infected with a clipboard virus that will lead you to paste a wrong address for the “to” field.

Yes that is true when i’m typing my address in new tab then when I’m trying to copy and trying to paste it, still in the different address how do we supposed to do that?

my address should be 0x01e2302bD4f460837B9F36eB45237B0EF814B422 then when i’m trying to copy this address it will say 0x79C9407Ea71cB6a8d9DECf1ffCf366f925A13933. I really need help for this!! I transfered 700usd and still waiting for the process

and how do we contact the address? and what if he didn’t send it back to us, is there any possible that you can force them to give the eth into our account? I still have the transaction reference!

I have the same issue I’m a new user I copied the clip board and sent money 0.81 ether on my wallet and give me different address please help.

I have the same issue. I’m also a new user. I created a new account in binance and metamask wallet as well. I bought eth from binance and i sent it to my metamask wallet. I copied the clip board and send the eth worth $1200 on my wallet and give me different address. Please help us to resolve these issue.

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I would recommend researching on how to remove a clipboard virus.
One way to contact is to look up the address on the appropriate block explorer, and leave a comments. This kind of transaction will be voluntary only, it is not possible to force a transaction on the blockchain. You can probably incentivize them by letting them keep a portion of the asset to cover the gas fees.

Please read the above replies. It’s not possible to revert successful transaction on the blockchain.

I also had the same problem. But I recovered mine yesterday. Message me on FB (Dañalie Casiano Viaje) maybe I can help you.

Had the same issue. Message me on FB Dañalie Casiano Viaje. Maybe I can help you.

Message me on FB Dañalie Casiano Viaje. I had the same issue but I just recovered mine yesterday.

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There try checking your message request

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Hi my partner tried to reach you on fb… please check your message request. :slight_smile:

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Same problem. Hope they can help us with this.

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I’ve literally just been battling this! Is it an address like this by any chance?


EDIT: Ignore my previous message, after some further digging I’ve found that this is caused by the MM browser extension when you all it FULL ACCESS to any website without requesting it. Turning this off has fixed it for me


Hello. Did you find any help?

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