Metamask copied wrong address

When coping to clipboard what i thought was my metamask address, it has copied this address
When clicking on account details in metamask and copying and pasting my address out of the box it also copies that same address.
When clicking on “view in etherscan” it takes me to what is my correct wallet address, when in ether scan i copy to clip board it again copies the wrong wallet address stated above.
im so confused

*this is a newly created wallet address with metamask and i have sent my shib coins to this address from an exchange

It could be a malware, I have seen malwares do this, when you copy paste, it changes the copy address to a hacker address. To try to make you send money to his address without realising it.

hi, the same thing happened to me just now, please how did you resolve it?

I haven’t resolved it yet I believe my google chrome was compromised and anything I copy’s and pasted pasted hackers address.

Someone has told me to directly contact metamask via their WhatsApp number

That is a scam, Metamask does not have a whatsapp number. Do not contact the whatsapp. If you need Metamask support you can go to support directly from inside Metamask wallet:

If you are not sure how get rid of the malware, I would do a clean operating system install, and then install an antivirus/anti-malware app.

Hi it is happening to me ight now .How you guys resolved it?Please help

Not sorted yet.
Have been told to try contact metamask through their browser extension.
So frustrating

Just to be clear, this is a community forum, and most of us, me included, are just Metamask users that are trying to help.
I have no affiliation with Metamask, and the only official support is to go to the support page and submit a ticket, like I asked you to do.

If the copy paste of the operating system is copying the wrong address, 99% it is malware. Please install a antivirus/Anti-malware software and try to clean your PC. Also try to figure out how you got infected, probably using a Crack for a software you installed or visiting a phishing site.

I also have the same issue, what should we do with this??