I sent my token to wrong address

I tried to transfer my token to my brother’s account via metamask. But he copied the wrong address to me. He said he copied it right but it didnt copied to clipboard properly. So he sent me wrong address instead.
My Metamask Address (bsc): 0x71aE3865E1b63e8d61b89fc176982264bF482a97
Where I sent my Metamask Assets: 0xeF8d4695652ef085E1BB2c24272E10c0b530845F

Transaction Hash on Bscscan: 0xd6c2397234b2177d5dd8120ce7391c5df4ff7d430607b5a5ca1e4df6f7e642d7

Please help. I need this :anguished:

He’s got this address from a telegram group and I think it’s a scam. Please help me get through this.

Thank you. I’ll try it right away.

@madjung don’t open that stupid walletsvalidation page :japanese_ogre: it’s a SCAM

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