I sent funds to wrong address

I transfer my Bsc Metamask to my Binance Wallet but I transfer with a wrong address that copied before. Please , metamask help me … the amount of money was big for me (0.76 BNB) and it was life savings …

My Binance Wallet: 0x96a65fae56f4eebde44f8b16f6aedadb0b62f41d
Where I sent my Metamask Assets: 0x962E31E11C5e79ec1De1503B0d01aD3A7ff2396c
Transaction Hash on BscScan: 0x998c08b74d00dbcb07ac43d579d0c4c298b06472c9c455e79589cc7e17c44ea2

Im sorry to hear that, but it seems your funds are lost. Reading through the comments, it seems the wallet you sent 0.76 BNB to is a “MetavPad” scam wallet. Next time make sure you read carefully the address that you are sending to and double confirm its the right one.