Help please! This is the second time happen to me

Please help me to recover my funds. This is the second time happened to me. Last time i put money to my metamask successfully and then when i transfer it to ronin using bridge, it says transaction failed but when i check the details in etherscan it says oops an invalid txn hash has been entered. Buy when i check my address in etherscan i saw that its been sent to other address successfully. I am 100% sure that i put all the correct address of my account.

This is my metamask address

This is my ronin address

And this is where my money sent

Please help me to recover my funds its more than 400 dollars or .23 eth today.

I think it is a metamask glitch or bug that automatically change the address. I dont know what to do. I already did many transaction with my account and its all successful but this glitch made me lose my money. Please help me.
I hope someone can help me. This my hard earned money and in just a matter of second it just dissappear

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Same problem here dont know where the money went … send email to metamask support awaiting reply.

Same here still no answer from the support since a week ago!

Dear Madam/Sirs,

Same Situation of mine, my transaction is automatically go in here metamask 0x8682683b7eb849c8fda99fe4da048d9474d072f2 from my ronin , please help me or contact me if can recover my 2006 SLP just today 6hrs ago.

Please help us Admin.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Admin are you here???

I dont expect my money to be recovered. But i did some research. Everytime i transfer money to my metamask it automatically transfer to different address.

Here is my solution:
Format your computer , install antivirus. I recommend you buy norton with yearly subscription. Install chrome install all norton extension, install metamask and ronin. After i did all of that, all my transaction are safe now.
Its better to pay for antivirus than to lose all your money

If you cant format your computer because you do have many files. You can just download another browser like firefox and install all norton extension there.

Becareful!! there are many phishing sites and fake metamask and ronin extension out there thats why antivirus will filter all sites and apps before you can access or download. Hope all who had the same experience can read this. Thank you

me too! Doing nothing, then my ETH went to wrong address

From my metamask address:

TxHash: 0xba49ed13b366104ebf5dbb04c5d3302111b8cde3518e3bab097464dbee6edd95

Time stamp: Jul-26-2021 03:59:18 AM +UTC

To: 0x8682683b7eb849c8fda99fe4da048d9474d072f2

Value: 0.3083168932 Ether

same destination address with yours!!!

admin and support are you theree??!!