I accidentally send my eth to my own metamask address in ronin bridge

Hello I accidentally send my ETH to my own metamask address in ronin bridge i thought i copy my ronin address and paste it on ronin bridge sadly it was my metamask address i removed the 0x and edit to ronin:
please help me its kinda huge money

METAMASK ADDRESS: 0x3170e44d523563278Bc8d7f9Dd1d1F5789916331
RONIN ADDRESS : ronin:95d973d629458cfe4660d789f0b945eff47e15d6

ive checked it on roninchain with my Etherium is there with the same address as my metamask address but it is in ronin wallet and i dont have access to that ronin wallet with the same address as my metamask.
can someone please help me i dont know what to do

I have same problem like you.
I send slp from Meta to ronin but i dont know that when i sent from Meta to ronin must have “ronin” in front of wallet.
Im looking for someone help to.

same here haist… any updates dito meron n po ba

same as here. just right now I accendentally sent bridge ronin eth to metamask eth address pls. any one. help us. to recover our funds

I hope that you must be aware that whatever you’ll do in the metamask transactions, metamask doesn’t have the power to revert back the transactions, especially for the incident with regards to incorrect metamask ID. I hope you are all fully aware that we are transacting in a decentralized environment where no one is managing the transactions. I wish that Metamask can do something about it but in my opinion, they cannot revert back the transactions unless you have been communicated with the recipient to return the transactions to you (if it is existed). Hope it helps.

Hi, just want to drop by and share my solution. My brother did the same mistake as setsuna and I managed to recover all of it (it was quite a huge sum too). I hope this will bring relief to those affected by this mistake!

U will first need to get the seed phrase of the Metamask that you used to send the ETH. I used the 12-word seed phrase that was given when you created the Metamask, not too sure if the alphanumeric private key will work for this method.

What I did was I restarted the browser, then boot up Ronin. Instead of keying in the password, I clicked “import a wallet using seed phrase”.
From there, paste in the seed phrase for the Metamask that you used to send the ETH.

That’s all! You should be able to see your sent WETH in there :slight_smile:

Do be more cautious next time, and all the best with your Axies!