Metamask to Ronin wallet sending mistake

Hello guys please help me i am desperate already

so i send the ETH using only the send button not the bridge way. i didn’t know at first what can i do to recover the ETH that i have sent wrongly?

Metamask: 0xBd15e4649b5408187B426861889043eCfDF6Ce4e
Ronin:0xf02884AaED75D398A40A9188Ae64ef80a8a3b5C2(but i deleted the Ronin:)

i can see it in the etherium scanner that it is there but how can i recover it? please i need help

Following. I made the same mistake

I found the solution…our eth still safe…contact me bro

Hi @KarazyUnlucky :point_down: try this

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This is the solution :relaxed:
Sent by Luigi :+1:

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Hello it also happen to my ETH is wrongly sent to an address can someone help me track or retrieve it. Need help Thanks

Did you sent to your ronin address using metamask?

pre tulungan mo naman ako na send ko yung eth ko sa binance tas na widraw ko sa ronin please kailangan ko tulong

Pahelp ako tol ganyan din nangyare sakin :((

@Arkais pm ako sayo tol ano fb mo?