Recover eth sent incorrectly to ronin wallet

Hi, i wanted to play Axie Infinity, so i bought ethereum, had it on my metamask wallet and intended to send the eth to my ronin wallet, I used the send option, and since it was not letting me send to the wallet with the ronin: prefix, i erased it and sent it as it is. But I saw that i didn’t received the eth. So i checked some more information and realized that I had to use a bridge to do that, and by sending the eth without the ronin: prefix, i don’t know who did I sent it to, how can I recover that eth and send it to the correct wallet?

It’s $1,000 that i’m losing because of a noob mistake, it was my first time with Crypto, hope you can help me Metamask

Hi, @Adictus Welcome to the Metamask community, and sorry to hear about your experience.
Due to the immutable nature of blockchain, it is impossible to revert a transaction.
We can definitely try some steps.

It seems here you send it to your Ronin wallet address but on the eth mainnet, so a solution would be to see if you can import your Ronin wallet onto Metamask with the private key of the Ronin wallet and access the funds that way. Including a quick guide here for how to import accounts.