Do I need to validate my wallet?

I am concerned about my wallet security, I get some requests about validating my wallet. But I hear that some scam websites can steal your money quickly. I want to know that do I really need to validate my wallet or not?. If I must do please give me the secure website so that I can validate it securely. Thanks in advance.


@Nizam712 you don’t need any vertification :slightly_smiling_face: NEVER
Automatically deletes such emails :incoming_envelope: :hammer: :imp:


Awesome to come here and ask before doing it. @Luigi 's words are the truth, close a site or email asking for that. If you’re ever doubtful, feel free to always ask here.

Also want to throw out there, you’ll never be asked to input your secret recovery phrase through a pop up window a 2nd time if you’re already logged into MetaMask. Never give out your secret recovery phrase to anyone that asks.


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