Validation Metamask account?


My Metamask account is not working well for transactions, I try to withdraw my usdt from a website, I paid fees but the transaction failed.

Also I cannot stack my usdt on this website too, which works in connection with my Metamask Wallet.

The person from this website said that i need to revalidate my Metamask account on this website, I precise that she did not contact me, its me, she is one the admin on the “official” telegram of the website.

What do you thing about it?

If I reset my metamask wallet , could it be a solution for those problems?

Thanks for your help

Walletvalidate*com is 100% scam page :see_no_evil: be careful

MetaMask wallet :fox_face: does not need any validation page

Page shows some error? maybe out of gas error :point_down:

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Do NOT! “validate” your wallet at that site. That is a scam and they will completely clear out your wallet. NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason.

We do NOT provide support on Telegram or via DM on Twitter. You can find a list of our official support platforms here.

Are you trying to send your USDT to or from your MetaMask wallet? What error are you receiving? Can you provide a screenshot?

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