Dpet tokens lost

So I’ve already got BNB coins on my Metamask wallet then I went to Pancake swap to swap my BNB coins into DPET TOKENS it showed on the transactions that it was a success and It also showed that I got 3 DPET TOKENS. but after an hour or two I checked my Metamask wallet again because I was supposedly going to purchase an egg on DPET but when I checked my DPET TOKENS are gone. then I checked the activity tab the only that was there was the transaction for swap of BNB COINS into DPET TOKENS in pancake swap. PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY PROBLEM


Same problem. I bought dpet tokens yesterday and it shows in the history . Icheck and it in. But when i check again all of my dpet tokens are gone what happen?

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If you fix it can you help me out too thankyou :slight_smile:

I believe your DPET token are in a different network. Try changing your metamask network to Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC).

Same thing happen to me. But not only Dpet coins. Together with the bnb coins.

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same thing! I have dpet coins last night. I used some of the coins to evolve, breed, and bought 2 pets. I know for the fact I still have leftovers on my account. I was about to breed and I noticed all my dpet coins are gone. It looks like this is not an isolated issue.

I also lost all my DPET Funds. I haven’t made any transactions. I just slept and when I woke up, it appears to be ZERO.

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Hi, any update from your lost token? Mine was missing too. I have also no transactions.

Hi, did you find a way to retrieve your missing token? My issue is the same as yours.

Still not appearing on my metamask account.

I hope they give us some attention on this

I already sent a ticket to Metamask yesterday. Someone responded to my email this morning. I told him the transactions I made and to check the activities under the BSC mainnet. It is really weird that I know 100% I have coins on my account and I saved it for evolving and breeding and now it is all gone.

SAME! I transferred all of my DPET tokens because I don’t want any hassle transferring tokens each time I will evolve my pets. I should have trusted my guts to keep my DPET tokens in gate dot io

I will take a screenshot of this thread and send it over to the person who responded to my claim. I hope they can fix it. It is obvious that this is an issue with some of the users.

Well thats good news! Atleast someone replied. Pls inform me the goodnews on how to solve our case.

My issue is somewhat the same, I used pancake swap for Dpet token, but it did not appear on my metamask wallet, I already added the dpet token and its already under Smart chain mainnet.

Same issue…how to get help

good day sir/maam, i transfer may slp to ronin in metamask and successful ang din i back in metamask… my Token slp ans ETH is gone please help me maam/sir

has this been resolved?

Hi Guys, is there anyone here resolve the issue? Im experiencing same problem.