Succesful Transaction but still not showing on metamask

Already done everything but still cannot see the transfer to metamask.

Here is the transaction:

It was successfully transferred but still no show on the balance.

It seems the deposit address is different from the original address:

Was this your intention? That 0xdc6… Address received your DPET tokens

Yes, I would like to have change it to a Dpet Coin. But it is not showing on my account.

I already added the token to my account but it is not showing up.

Does your wallet address start with 0xdc6?

Because your DPET went to that address.

No, my wallet address is different. Is there any chance that I can get that back.

No if you sent to the wrong address, no way of getting it back.

Try to discover what went wrong or why the destination address was changed. I have seen situations with malware that change addresses, so it is important to always double check even if you copy pasted, some malware change the copy address and paste the hacker address.