Sent ETH from Coinbase Wallet to Metamask - Success but Can't find

Hello - I just sent eth to metamask and it says was successful but when I look at my metamask wallet, it’s not there. How can I track down the eth? Does me switching chains have anything to do with this? I think I may have done that but not sure.

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Really?? No one has this problem???

Hi friend, please be patient. There are literally over 1,000 support requests coming in per day and we’re pretty overwhelmed by all the growth.

Would you mind posting a link to the transaction on Etherscan, and I can take a look?

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Hey sorry - I thought this was a community forum. Here is the link to the Etherscan: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Could you confirm that your network is set to the Ethereum Mainnet on the top bar of the wallet popup?

Screenshot from 2021-04-23 12-21-47

Confirmed. But I do remember that during the set-up, I believe it asked me to switch it - I honestly don’t remember. So I also recall switching it back to ETH mainnet.

judging from your etherscan transaction, the funds are on the Ethereum Mainnet, so that should be correct. Can you confirm the wallet address on the account you’re looking at is 0x0BC02FbC82cDa1bFd4E0D2f2F3395eE83a57FFC3 ?

Confirmed. I copied it directly from my Metamask account and double checked.

According to Etherscan, you only transaferred about .01 ETH (about $50). Is that your understanding? It should just appear.

Yea that’s what I transferred but for some reason I don’t see it in my balance. I see the transaction on the wallet but the eth isn’t available on the wallet.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

This may be your best bet then:

I have the same problem with the exercise card on ETH.
no token
MCO token on ETH no token on ETH